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Well known by his bast experience in this field, he has trainned thousands of other prosthodontists in México and is now available for international appointemnts.

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If you are missing one or more teeth, you could be a candidate for dental implants. Get your treatment in Mexico. Same experience and equipment, half the price. 

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Leave your dental health in the hands of our experiencesd team and improove your smile.


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    It is well known that Los Cabos, Mexico has become a main tourism destination. Besides its charm and attractiveness, Los Cabos has developed to a top level in dental care and became a remarkable dental tourism location for foreign patients.


    Improve your dental function, speech and self-esteem by getting back your beautiful smile with the top of the line Bicon dental implants.


    Creating beautiful smiles through the treatment of developing jaws and the eruption and correction of malpositioned teeth.


    A root canal treatment can be effective and painless when performed adequately, get your treatment with the most experienced hands.

    Pediatric Dentistry

    Treat and control the problems related to your gums and bone that support your teeth. Prevent and treat gum diseases.


    Treat and control the problems related to your gums and bone that support your teeth. Prevent and treat gum diseases.

    Experience has a name,
    Dr. José Luis Alonso

    Dr. Jose Luis Alonso is an internationally qualified prosthodontist specialized in mayor dental reconstructions.

    Graduated from the Boston University School of Dental Medicine and extremely passionate about his field, he oversees a permanent team of dentists with specialties in orthodontics, periodontics, prosthodontics, aesthetic and pediatric destistry. Currently based in Los Cabos, México, he also oversees treatments in his two dental clinics in Mexico City.

    Throughout his Professional life Dr. Alonso has placed thousands of dental Implants and has completed innumerable number of the most complex reconstrucsions for the adult population and trained hundreds of Clinicians in the use Bicon´s techniques.

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    PeriodoncistDr. Miriam Flores

    One of Bicon’s most precious gems, specialized in periodontics. Dr. Flores is responsible for the prevention and treatment of gum disease and strongly believes that the best treatment for disease is prevention. Be treated by her highly trainned hands, and feel pampered by her genuine care and professional techniques.

    Pediatric DentistryDr.Gissel Arroyo Cano

    Children need and deserve special care to help creating good oral hygiene habits and teaching them that prevention is the key for maintaining a healthy dentition. Dr. Arroyo is a highly trainned profesional in pediatric dentistry that also cares about providing a good experience for the children and their families.

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    At Bicon México, we have the same equipment and materials used anywhere else in the world and we are very passionate about what we do.

    Our goal is to return the function of teeth and the confidence of a beautiful smile.

    Here in Bicon Mexico, we have been very careful in selecting our staff, offering especialists on every field of dentistry.

    Please be sure, that you will receive the same quality and dental treatment you could get in United States or Canada at a fraction of the cost in a world class destination.

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