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Meet Dr. Jose Luis Alonso. Prosthodontist and Director of Bicon Mexico Implant Dentistry Centers, located in Los Cabos and in Mexico City.

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A Prosthodontist is the specialist in dentistry, responsable for major reconstructions using crowns, bridges and dental implants. I am the director of Bicon Mexico Implant Dentistry Centers, located in Los Cabos and in Mexico City.

At Bicon México, we have the same equipment and materials used anywhere else in the world and we are very passionate about what we do. Although our clinics are expanding and growing, we still make the time to listen, providing personalized care to every patient. Our goal is to return the function of teeth and the confidence of a beautiful smile.

Here in Bicon Mexico, we have been very careful in selecting our staff, offering especialists on every field of dentistry. Please be sure, that you will receive the same quality and dental treatment you could get in United States or Canada at a fraction of the cost in a world class destination.

  • Dentistry Degree: Universidad Intercontinental, Faculty of Dentistry(1989 –1993)
  • Hospital dentistry training: University of Minnesota, Faculty of Dentistry (1997-1998)
  • Advanced General Dentistry Residency: Connecticut University (1998-2000)
  • Prosthodontics Specialty: Boston University (2000-2003)
  • Dr. Alonso is specilized in the Bicon System and is the only dentist authorized to represent the company internationaly in Mexico
  • Private practice limited to prosthodontics and dental implants since 2003
  • Teaching proffesor at Universidad Intercontinental, odontology Faculty since 2003
  • Founder of Bicon Mexico on 2003
  • Over his years practicing dentistry, Dr. Alonso has placed thousands of implants and cared for endless of patients going througgh affections with hig levels of complexity.
  • Dr. Alonso is specilized in the Bicon system and is the single dentist authorized to represent the company internationaly in Mexico.
  • For over 18 years, Dr. Alonso has trained thousands of dental professionals in Bicon techniques.
  • Belongs to The International College of Dentists
  • He is part of the Bicon International Dental Group.
  • He is the single Odontologist authorized to represent the company internationaly in Mexico.
  • Founder of Bicon Mexico on 2003.
  • Leader of 3 Implant dentistry centers: Los Cabos, Mexico City Coyoacán, and Cuajimalpa.

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PeriodoncistDr. Miriam Flores

One of Bicon’s most precious gems, specialized in periodontics. Dr. Flores is responsible for the prevention and treatment of gum disease and strongly believes that the best treatment for disease is prevention. Be treated by her highly trainned hands, and feel pampered by her genuine care and professional techniques.


Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Gissel Arroyo Cano

Children need and deserve special care to help creating good oral hygiene habits and teaching them that prevention is the key for maintaining a healthy dentition. Dr. Arroyo is a highly trainned profesional in pediatric dentistry that also cares about providing a good experience for the children and their families.


EndodonticsDr. Karime Ortiz De Montellano

Emphatic with patients , Dr. Ortiz can make any patient’s fear dissapear, get treated by her highly trainned skills and see how a root canal treatment can be effective and painless. Ask for her if you are ever in need of a root canal in Los Cabos.


OrthodontistDr.Erica Weihmann

The correction of malpositioned teeth can be a long process. Rely your dental plan in the hands of an expert that will guide you and suggest the best treatment for your specific goals and needs. Committed to aligning your teeth to perfection, Erica has treated many patients in various locations.


General DentistDr. Juan Carlos García

All our staff has been carefully selected, not only by their extensive knowledge and preparation, but because of their true interest and care for each patient. Juan Carlos is living proof of how an appointment to the dentist, can be a good experience.


Micro endodonticsDr.Romina Hernández

One of the few very specialized dentists that have focused their carreer not only in endodontics, but in micro-endodontics. Dr. Romina performs specific procedures through our top of the line microscop to achieve high quality results even in complicated cases that other dentists, may find impossible to fix.


ProsthodontistDr. Iliana Astorga

A Prosthodontist is the specialist in dentistry, responsable for major reconstructions using crowns, bridges and dental implants , Dr. Astorga has a reputation for carrying out her clinical work to the highest level of precision and expertise.


General DentistDr.Ma. del Carmen Rodriguez

Besides being a general dentist, Maria del Carmen works as a consultant in many cases that require a well trainned eye in the specialty of digital systems management in dentistry. She also has a master’s degree in innovation, which makes her a valuable asset of Bicon Mexico.


General DentistDr. Edith Peña

In our Implant Dentistry Center located in Cuajimalpa, in Mexico City, you will most surely find Edith to welcome and treat you with the  care and attention to detail that always sets her appart.


Dental assistant Tania Garduño

With  love and care , Tania will be happy to assist your dental needs in our dental center located in Cuajimalpa, Mexico City.


Dental assistantKaren Dannesy

Karen is located in Mexico City’s facility located in traditional Coyoacán area. When you are traveling around the city and need a dental consult, think about us! .


Dental assistant Angelica

Assistant at the Center of Mexico Implant Dentistry Centers Los Cabos. You will always recognize Angelica for her attention to detail and patient care, she is always a pleasure to be around.


Dental Lab assistantJared Salgado

Jared is always looking for something new to learn and has a great passion to help people! All our patients have great things to say about him, and aways ask for him when they come back.

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