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If your are missing one or more teeth and wish to eat your favorite foods, increase your chewing ability, and improve your appearance, speech, and self-esteem, then you need a Prosthodoncist.


The discipline related to the reconstruction of damaged teeth and the replacement of the missing.

Dental implants are the most natural, reliable and effective resource for replacing lost teeth.

Dental implants are metallic anchors installed into the bone that function as dental roots and provide support for a diversity of prosthesis.

Bicon Mexico is the authorized subsidiary of Bicon Dental Implants from the United States; Bicon is one of the most reliable Implant systems available and we are experts in their use.

    How to get a beautiful &

    Healthy Smile

    Among the different techniques of Prosthodontics, are veneers, crowns and porcelain fixed bridges. Lost teeth can be replaced by means of fixed bridges, removable partial dentures or dental implants.

    • Veneers are a thin porcelain laminate that bonds over teeth with the purpose of fixing worn out edges or chipped angles, they can also change the shape, color or minor rotations.
    • Crowns are caps cemented over severely damaged teeth, thet prevent them from breaking and return their aesthetics and function.
    • Fixed bridges are structures supported and cemented over adjacent teeth, where as removable partial dentures replace missing teeth just laying over other teeth and gums.

    Nevertheless dental implants are the most natural, reliable and effective resource for replacing lost teeth, and Bicon Mexico has the top of the line technology you will want to be treated with.

    General Dentistry
    Come for a general check up and get your personalized dental plan.
    Improve your smile with the latest technology of Bicon dental implants.
    Dental Surgery
    We have the most dedicated specialists in all dental specialties.
    Regain your dental function and confident smile with our caring orthodontists.
    Teeth Braces
    Well aligned teeth are important not just for appearance but for their healthy function and occlusion.
    Give your smile that shine and color you have been looking for.
    Teeth Protection
    Protect your teeth and extend your dental health. Prevention is the best approach.
    When you need a prosthesis, you need the best Prosthodontist to take care of you.
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